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Passionate about our Students

La vie en l'Air means "Life in the Air", an escape from the stresses and worries of our busy lives. At La Vie, we dedicate ourselves to creating a safe and welcoming space for students of all levels and backgrounds. We look to inspire, motivate and grow alongside our students and have a blast while doing it.

Aside from the awesome friends to be made along the way, living Life in the Air comes with a few benefits: You get stronger with every class. You set goals that you soon reach with the help of our passionate, experienced and qualified instructors. You get to let go of the troubles you have by concentrating on yourself. You may lose weight and will feel better in your own skin. And finally you get to see things from a new angle because you'll spend your time upside down :)

About us


We offer a variety of pole, stretch, conditioning, dance and acro classes for all levels. Whether you're new to fitness, dance or pole or whether you're a workout addict, we've got you covered. Each of our classes are designed to help our students develop their strength, flexibility and coordination in the most enjoyable way possible.


Pole Dance Classes

Our pole classes are a great combination of cardio, body-weight training, stretch, coordination and fun. If you're looking for a fun new form of fitness that has quick results and will keep you coming back for more, pole is for you.  Your fitness level, body shape and age don't matter: all you need is a pair of shorts and enthusiasm! We offer classes at multiple levels to accommodate everyone. Our pole classes include beginner, mixed, intermediate and advanced levels.

Girl Planking

Pole Conditioning

Our pole conditioning class is dedicated to building strength and endurance to help you reach your goals. It will give you a proper workout and help with flexibility too. This class can help build your strength for pole, or on its own as an all-round workout.


Acro Yoga

Tumbles, rolls, handstands, shoulder stands, doubles tricks, cool photos and a sore belly from all the laughter is what you can expect from our acro yoga class. We feel the best way to end the work week is with lots of crazy moves we used to do as kids. This class is open to all levels and focuses on the basics of acro yoga and partner acro yoga.

Hip Hop Class

Dance Classes

Dance classes are popular for students who want to express themselves through movement, who feel artistic and want to boogie to their favourite songs. Our dance classes cover many different styles including burlesque, contemporary, hip hop and lyrical. There is a new routine to learn each week coupled with technique and rhythm training.


Heels and Feels

Yes ma'am. We offer both beginner and intermediate heels classes. This is a pole-based class where students can feel comfortable in their 'sexy' skin. Heels add a bit of sass but are not a requirement. All you need are socks, head flicks and lots of energy.

Yoga Class

Stretch Class

Our stretch class is a great way to help your ‘polegress’ or your flexibility in general. The class uses mobilisation to actively stretch targeted areas in the body. It is open to all levels and gives variations of stretches for all body types.

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Co-Owner, Pole Fitness, Heels and Dance Instructor


Angela started her dance journey at 2 years old and has been in love with it since. After years of ballet, acrobatics, tap, contemporary and jazz, she was finally introduced to pole dancing at 10 years old when her mom joined the sport. Angela became an instructor in 2017 and has been telling students to point their toes ever since.

She has gotten her South African colours in Acrobatics and modern dance and recently started competing in pole.

She placed 2nd in Pole Art's artistic doubles 2019 and 1st in APAC's Alluring Apprentice, Classique division, 2021.

Our Instructors


La Vie Class schedule - Generic.jpg
Class Schedule


Trial class: R100
Drop-in classes (valid 3 months): R180
5 classes (valid 3 months): R750
7 classes (valid 3 months): R940
10 classes (valid 3 months): R1,200


Flexible Options

1 drop-in class: R180
5 classes valid 3 months: R750
7 classes valid 3 months: R980
10 classes valid 3 months: R1,300


1 class per week: R650 pm
2 classes per week: R845 pm
3 classes per week: R955 pm
4 classes per week: R1,095 pm

6-Month Membership (debit order)

1 class per week: R620 pm
2 classes per week: R800 pm
3 classes per week: R900 pm
4 classes per week: R1,040 pm
Unlimited classes per month: R1,260 pm


Looking at spicing up your birthday or bachelorette party? Looking for a classy show for an event? We can assist with a pole dance performance, a fun pole dance class with plenty of opportunities to take videos and photos, a chair routine, a burlesque show, etc. We customize our offer to suit your needs and provide you with the best entertainment for an outstanding event! Contact us for a personalized quote.

Bachelorettes and Events
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Shop 4, Indigo Apartments

41, 8th Street

Edenvale 1609


Phone and WhatsApp: 063 438 5621

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